First Pass Pern is a collaborative storytelling endeavor starting with the initial premise of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsdawn and aggressively veering off from there. At this point, we have a significant resemblance to the beginnings of Pern's science fiction origins, plus dragons — this is much more a sci-fi and exploration/survivalist situation than it is a fantasy story.

The Premise

The planet Pern (P.E.R.N - parallel Earth, resources negligible) had been a perfect settlement for those lucky enough to be chosen as part of The Federated Sentient Planets expansion program. It was a fresh start for the 6000 colonists chosen to take the one way trip, the opportunity to have a simpler life — and for the first eight years they had done well for themselves. There were hiccups, of course, but nothing as disastrous as the first time Thread fell on the planet, nearly eight years after they’d landed. This organism devoured anything organic in its path, killing people, animals and destroying farmland. There were methods for fighting it, but anything relying on their gradually failing technology wouldn’t last forever.

Within two years they’d figured out a way to genetically modify the local creatures they’d bonded with, miniature dragon-like animal they dubbed fire-lizards, to create a renewable air force that could literally burn the Thread out of the sky. The outlook was promising with the very first batch of dragon embryos when volcanic activity forced an evacuation of Landing.

The crossing from the south was meant to take them to the northern continent, but it was largely unsuccessful. Mount Garben erupting created unpredictable and dangerous weather, leaving only a small handful of the settlers arriving at Big Island, or Ista Island, rather than the northern. Others may have made it to land somewhere else, but the passengers and crew of the Queen’s Bounty were on their own for now, along with her precious cargo of frozen dragon embryos.

The vessel was in need of repairs and no one was particularly keen to risk the dragons until they knew the seas might offer a safer passage. The two hundred and forty-seven passengers and crew settled into Ista Crater where they would be safe at least until they could decide on their next move. It is the first month of the tenth year on Pern.

Pern Year 10. Month 4. Day 29 - The Amherst

Aboard the FSP scout ship, The Amherst, a distress signal was picked up, very faint and when the small probe was brought onto the vessel it looked like it had been cobbled together out of whatever scraps could be found. It didn’t come with any information other than the planet it had been sent from and some rough coordinates of the settlement. There wasn’t much room on the ship, but at the very least they could find out why the citizens of Pern were seeking help.

Nearly two weeks later the ship was brought down on entry into the atmosphere by a vicious threadfall, the threat they were there to investigate. They had crashed on the northern tip of the large island just off of the northern continent and were met with a handful of the local settlers from Ista Crater.