Name: Paige Fitzpatrick
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: <3?!?
Play-by: ?


Paige is a scrawny kid that’s all limbs and knobbly joints, like a newborn colt that hasn’t quite found its legs yet. She’s grown nearly six inches in a very short amount of time, stretching out to an awkward stage where she doesn’t seem to quite know how to handle her body. Despite this, she’s still a small thing that’s generally shorter than most other girls her age. Grey eyed, freckled and with hair that tends more towards autumn in the winter but with golden highlights that are brought out by the sun. Like most of her family she’s quite fair, though ten years in the more tropic south has helped her skin learn to tan rather than burning instantly.

She’s very often solemn with subtle expressiveness and a smile that’s hard-won, but very sincere. It’s not that she’s unhappy or angry as some assume when they first meet her, she’s just stoic and really quite shy. Getting her to open up is a challenge, though she’ll be the first to listen with full rapt attention the moment anyone has something to say. Everything she doesn’t say with her face or body language, however, can be seen in her eyes. That’s where you’ll see her enthusiasm, her eagerness and the compassion she has.


Paige is serious little thing with a heart of gold. She’s one of those sweet, old souls that genuinely loves and wants the best for everything around her. There’s a high level of empathy in this girl that makes it hard for her to stomach any sort of violence or negativity; even knowing she’s making someone feel uncomfortable for any reason is a cause for distress. She’s a true introvert, needing a lot of space to herself to keep her spirits up, especially because she expends a lot of energy on the feelings of others. She’s perceptive, occasionally able to tell when someone is upset before they even do and she’s always ready with a reserved smile or a hug.

There’s a determination to be mature and part of this is her need to be older so that she can be useful. Even on Pern, where everyone seems to grow up quickly, she’s still seen as just a child and she knows there’s so much to learn before she can be of any real value. Which is unfortunate because she’s a smart and, more important, an incredibly caring girl that actually has a fair amount to offer, but she’s always been over-protected and told that she can’t handle anything. Perhaps not intentionally, but her father has a way of sheltering her that has made her feel like she needs to be looked after rather than being able to look after anyone else.

That’s where she shines though. Even if it’s as simple as making someone smile with a gift, Paige will do it; it makes her happy to make others happy, while on the other hand being unable to help is crushing. The idea of not being needed is terrifying to her because what she has to offer is what validates her more than anything else could. This was her main motivation for taking an apprenticeship with the medics, those were people that were always in high demand, right?

So far she’s been shielded from being taken advantage of, with two older brothers and a man like her father it’s hard for anyone to even look at her wrongly. This added to her earnest need to see the good in everyone will make her an easy target at some point in her life, and she’ll likely take it very badly to see someone actually do something to be intentionally manipulative or hurtful. It’s uncommon for her to be riled up, she’s a remarkably steady girl, but there’s a steel core hidden deep down. She has the capacity for a frightening righteous fury if given the right motivation.


Paige was only three when the colonists settled on Pern and all she’d ever really known was the society that had been built at Landing. She was always a but curious about the technology that they would be leaving behind, but after learning about the wars back near Earth she was always grateful to live in the ease of the simple life.

She was eleven when Thread fell, though she was lucky enough not to see any of the horror first hand. Nobody from their family was hurt or lost anything of value, so they were better off than many others. When it was proposed that they could make larger creatures to protect them from the fire lizards, Paige was quietly excited about the potential. Quietly because her father was one of the sorts that was against these dragons being made and didn't really care for the fire lizards, never letting her get one.

She's definitely become a bit more reserved and cautious since they left Landing. The crossing by ship was frightening and it was weeks before she learned that her older brothers survived, making it to the intended destination. She doesn't mind Ista, but she'll be happy to get to Fort which is supposed to be much safer for them.


Name: Orioth
Colour: Gold
Hatching date: 10.8.28

Attached Others

Angelo Fitzpatrick - Father