Writer: willow


Name: Safrim Villeneuve
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Amherst Crew Info

Background: Military
Rank: Private
Specialization: Cook
Years of service: 2


Safrim likely won’t ever be more than cute, though there was a time before she started being more creative with her looks that she might have been pretty. Once she hit her teenage years her long blonde hair was chopped off and she didn’t care about being mistaken for a boy. If anything she thinks this is hilarious and she often toes the line of androgyny just because she can. This tends to be where she’s the most comfortable anyway, just kind of meandering along the distinction between girlish and tomboy. Military code makes things a little difficult for her with how she likes to stand out and she pushes the boundaries of what she can get away with in making her uniform more interesting. It’s not much, especially under Captain Sander’s strict rule, but any little thing she can get away with is an accomplishment.

There isn’t a whole lot to Safrim She’s around average height at 5’5, but it built on a thin frame without much extra meat on her. It works out for her, since if she did have much more substance her barely acceptable strength wouldn’t be enough to get by on.


Safrim has always been a no nonsense, straight to the point sort of girl. There isn't time to mess around and she's got ambition enough that she will often just bull her way through whatever is in her way. (Or try, there’s only so far a lean teenager can get on strength alone.) She’s an impatient girl with enough immaturity to act now and think later, and she’ll feel awful if she does something wrong in the process. At least she’ll happily accept the consequences of whatever trouble her brashness has got her into, and she’ll even try to learn her lesson from it. There’s never intentional destruction or maliciousness, she just sometimes can’t help it, her enthusiasm drags her along before her brain can catch up.

She has a wide-eyed sense of adventure and has always felt so confined at the Academy. There is without a doubt a massive hero complex in this girl and a lot of it is more from a selfish standpoint than wanting to do good. It’s great to help and all, but she’s totally doing it for recognition and to be known for being awesome. The rush of getting into a fight on someone’s behalf and then even being seen as a martyr for that bloody nose is her kind of adrenaline. She was always a scrappy little thing but she also doesn’t like getting in trouble or breaking the rules (much) so she’s not generally goaded into fights unless she knows she’s in the right.

Safrim can be the sort that’s prone to bouts of teenage hormones, as much as she likes to think she’s immune. She can be particularly snappish and surly, especially if someone insists on asking her what’s wrong. “Nothing, piss off,” is a regular answer that doesn’t fool anyone. There’s an embarrassing inability to lie and besides, Safrim isn’t generally clever enough to try to to be dishonest. Manipulation or subtlety are not something she’s ever been able to pull off and she’s got good enough intentions that she carries a pretty hefty guilty conscience.

As a kind that really can’t stand conforming to anyone’s expectations Safrim gets a kick out of pushing boundaries, especially when people underestimate her. Which, unfortunately for her, isn’t an opportunity that comes across often. Truthfully, she’s not especially good at much, mostly she’s often just scraping by. Her marks have always been average, her physical scores a little bit higher out of sheer stubborn refusal to quit. She’d hoped to find some kind of skill that would stand out for her to pursue, but she’s always been a long shot from being able to make it in any kind of specialization. At this point the only thing that’s got her a place on the Amherst is having good aim with a gun and a willingness to do the mundane work that others aren’t interested in, but it’s hard to be too upset about it. She gets to go and that’s really all that matters.


​It wasn’t easy for a girl who built much of her identity on uniqueness and raising the bar to grow up in a military family. Not impossible, of course, and it was the best thing for her aspirations to space travel. The end goal of being accepted onto a ship and being free to see the universe was enough to keep her need to not conform from getting out of hand. There was always the risk that trying to always be outside of the box would have lead Safrim down a rough path. if she'd lived a civilian life.

But she had good parents to guide her and patient enough instructors that she was engaged at the Military Academy, happy even. There were a lot of things to enjoy about the place despite Safrim being overwhelmingly mediocre in most of her classes and she did have a good time showing off her marksmanship, which was the one area she tended to excel at. The thing that kept her from flunking out of the Academy was more stubbornness and willingness to work her ass off, which was what got her aboard the Amherst. Sure she was just a cook, but she was there and it wasn’t the worst thing ever to spend her time in the kitchens. If anything, she almost preferred being one of the more overlooked crewmembers, which was just fine. She knows she only just got a position on the ship and has been extra careful not to get herself into much trouble since departure.

Space travel wasn’t quite the adventure she was hoping for, though her expectations on how things would go were absurdly high. Really, there's a lot of boredom once you get past the initial excitement of being out there. Free time isn't really a thing that happens a whole lot in space and it's not as if there's much for entertainment. Far too many of the crewmembers are stuffy, following along the lines of the Captain.

So it’s not that she’s happy that the Amherst crashlanded on a planet that was apparently out to kill its inhabitants, but it’s hard to deny how exciting this whole situation is.


Name: Grith
Colour: Gold
Hatching Date: 10.8.28

Grith is a highly unattractive example of her species and it doesn’t help that she’s constantly scowling around at everyone. Pale and a bit sickly looking, she’s well… a bit ugly. She seems like she's squat and stocky, but in actuality she's a bony thing that tends to hunch up on herself to make it look like she's smaller than she is. Which is a bit ridiculous because she is a tiny thing already. Having shared an egg with Duloth, neither of them were able to develop as they were meant to. Grith will be lucky to grow as large as the smallest green and will have a rough go of it for the first few months of life. She’s a tenacious and tough little bugger though, too stubborn to die or be told she’s not good enough.

And not that she cares if anyone thinks she’s good enough, but Grith knows she’s just fine and a queen regardless. She won’t be going out of his way to prove this to anyone, or to prove them wrong because she simply doesn’t value their opinion enough to bother. If anything she’s a bit resentful and spiteful towards the bigger dragons (all of them) and for the most part they’re all met with hostility. It’s possible to grudgingly earn her respect, particularly if she’s been plied with bits of treasure, but she’s not the most trustworthy creature either, more likely to throw a supposed friend under the bus than anything. She’s especially grouchy towards anyone connected to the genetics program, once she understands how she came to be and why she in particular suffered from it, which means any dragon connected to one of these won’t be a friend to her.

There’s an odd understanding of ownership to Grith. If she gives something away, even as a gift it’s to be understood that this will come back to her eventually. Or when she wants it. Or really, she didn’t mean to give that away, so give it back now. If something was her rider’s it can then be hers again at any point in time. There’s a bit of a hoarding complex and she’ll be fiercely protective of her things and jealous of anyone else’s wealth. Well, it’s unfair that they should have so much anyway, so they should share, no?