Firelizards were plentiful on the Southern Continent and only slightly less so on Ista Island, so feel free to give any of the original settlers these. Not every character can have a gold or bronze, of course, but at this point this will be fairly lenient with the native lizards. There has only been one clutch of the enhanced variation and any others that are made available will be through onscreen hatchlings.

Native firelizards
These tend to be a bit more wild, more prone to poor behaviour or aggression, and even the golds are far flighty creatures. These are much more difficult to bond with as well as to keep, and they are the first to vanish when frightened, often not bothering to return. They have pincers rather than the clawed feet of the enhanced lizards and are quite a bit smaller.

2nd Generation firelizards
These became available shortly before Crossing after the geneticists started tinkering. They are larger, more intelligent and far more docile. The empathetic bond was enhanced for a stronger link between owner and lizard and they were given more dexterity with their forelegs. So far 2-Gen lizards are very rare and given out as rewards to exemplary acts or bartered for a very high price. At Ista Crater there are only two breeding females and only golds, bronzes and browns were yielded from the first man-made clutch. Like the dragons, the bigger males carry the genetic material to lay all of the colours.

The two variations tend to avoid breeding with each other and those who have resulted in deformities and many eggs that didn’t hatch.

There are one or two along as most were sent with the ships that carried the livestock over, but that's it as far as domestic Terran pets. Ista Crater's dog is Makani Aukai's dog Keiki.

Likely these will not be in play, but a very convincing reason for one or two may convince me.