These are mostly comprised of scientists, geneticists and students/apprentices as well as the sailing crew for the Queen’s Bounty. Otherwise they may have taken family with them, but the majority of the ship was for the purpose of transporting sensitive materials. There were nearly 300 people aboard when she landed on Ista Island.

Remember these folk will have come from Earth to settle Pern and, save for younger children, will remember Landing and the events following. The South was evacuated ten years after they landed on Pern.

Daily living will be a strange mixture of primitive and highly advanced technology. Until power sources are exhausted or degrades things like electricity and plumbing will be available, but the inhabitants will still be forced to live in the rough caves of the Crater. Normal fabrics and materials have already been replaced by the easier to make Pernese variety.

At this point food is the greatest concern, especially as there aren't any livestock to sustain them yet, though there is genetic material to slowly build these up. Fish will easily be the most valuable resource until that time and fishing that every person living there will quickly learn. Without the protection of sleds or dragons any crops will have to be anything that can be grown indoors, though limited hydroponics will be an option as long as electricity holds out.

Those with any skill or craft to help with sustainability are charged with sharing these with the rest of the community and everyone is required to take part in making Ista a comfortable place to live.