Safrim Villeneuve, Katie Sander, Grith


Katie's trying to befriend Grith, who may or may not have any of it.






They had the little dragons out, stretching and flapping their small wings and running around, being watched by their riders and apparently figuring out how to function as mentally linked pairs. This was only a little bit strange to Katie Sander; as a twin, she assumed it was just something much deeper than the connection between twins — two halves of a single whole, rather than two pieces that interlock?

She had a small dragonlike creature of her own twined around her neck, a bronze whose egg had been given to her by one of the doctors. Consolation prize, because her siblings had Impressed, or more accurately … he seemed to help her get around and see things. He was fascinating, and a lot smarter than the little wild ones seemed to be. Also a lot less likely to scratch and murder, and he had paws better suited to carrying.

Katie, who was better at walking now, only leaned on her stick a little as she found a place to sit and watch, her focus mostly on her brothers but wandering every now and then to the golds. "What do you think, little guy? That one my older brother's got. What color is he?"

The firelizard blinked at her, a sort of 'duh' expression in his eyes, as if wondering how she couldn't tell.


“I will leave you there, asshole.”

It didn’t take long for Safrim’s sass to come through towards her dragon and it wasn’t uncommon for the group to hear her cussing at the little gold creature. Most of it was of course was full of love and affection, but there were regular moments of real frustration. She had known Grith was going to be a little more challenging than some of the other dragons seemed to be, but the strange mixture of neediness, jealousy and pure contrary obstinance was something else. Like, what was she even supposed to do with this thing?

Not that there was an option. Not having Grith would be worse than not having her arms or legs or head. The gold could have been the actual scourge of the planet and Safrim would have loved her just as thoroughly. Even now, as she made her way over to Katie, there was a grin of her face whenever she looked back at the baby dragon that was straggling along behind.

{ I don’t want to. I don’t like her.}}

“You’ve never even met her! Katie is good shit my little friend. Anyway, you can just what you always do and sleep in the sun and ignore everyone. Doesn’t mean I want to sit alone all the time.”

This is the worst. You are the worst. I never get what I want.

Safrim didn’t even dignify that with a response, because they both knew very well that Safrim gave Grith everything she possibly could. Instead, she beamed over at the female half of the Sander twins. “Hey gibbles.”


"Let me guess, I'm still not Grith's best friend," Katie observed solemnly as the bronze continued to investigate her hair and mussed it up all over the place. "Or any of the dragons' best friends, really, though I'm sure once I've gotten some proper time in with Awlath, she'll like me." That was essentially guaranteed, but Katie had gotten good at providing space without being too distant (which would have also freaked Sully out completely). She had her own rehab to do, after all. "They can't be bribed with food as effectively, though, it seems."


Safrim snorted, watching the little bronze firelizard with some amusement. “Grith and friend don’t really go together in the same sentence, doubt they ever will. You’d do a whole lot better to try your luck with… well any of the other ones.” That wasn’t entirely true, she was realizing as she started to get to know the personalities of the other dragons. Some of them were even less pleasant in how they interacted with the others.

“I dunno, Awlath is shy as hell, it would take some solid bribery to get her to come out from behind Sully. Still, if anyone could do this it’d be you.”

Safrim flopped down next to the other woman, running a critical eye over her. “How you feeling lately?”


"She knows me already, though," That confidence was still there, firm but emotional; she is completely certain that Awlath will recognize her as an important part of Sullivan's life. An important part of Sullivan. There's no jealousy from Katie in both brothers impressing and her not; after all, she was barely conscious and people were supposed to be fit to be members of the Dragonriders.

On the other hand, what the shit was Lomerulith thinking picking Blake, who hadn't even volunteered, and was old.

A critical look would see that Katie was putting on some weight, finally; she'd lost a lot in those days she wasn't able to eat. The bruises were mostly gone, none of her bones mangled, though that right eye kept blinking of its own volition. "Better," she said. "I really am."

“Good, and you’re looking better.” Safrim offered a wide smile before her glance turned to her dragon, who was resentfully approaching the two and threw herself down on the ground as if this had been the most difficult journey of her entire life. Stealthily, Safrim shoved a few pieces of salted fish over towards Katie. “Hey Grith. Katie just told me she’s got a bit extra of your favourite thing. I bet she’d share if stop being so bitchy.”

Rude. I’m not being anything, this is how I am. But the gold’s posture had become suddenly attentive and her expression greedy as she looked over at the pilot. Why does she get some and I have nothing? Tell her she must share, it’s only fair. I’m too small and wasting away.

Chuckling, Safrim relayed this message word for word.


"Y'know, I make my own," Katie pointed out sweetly. "I know how to use kitchen appliances. That's the secret. Obviously dragons just need to learn to cook." Katie did know how to use kitchen appliances, but there was no way she could make salted fish in the ruins of the Amherst or the infirmary. Or anywhere, because that was entirely outside her skill set. "Lomerulith thinks I do a good snout rub, too."

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