Everyone (written by Willow)


The weather goes terribly, horribly wrong.


10.10.24 - 10.10.26


Ista Crater


T - Minus 36 hours

The weather across Ista Island had been questionable at best for a few days. It wasn’t anything that out of the ordinary; the area was prone to tropical storms that seemed to appear out of nowhere on some days, but they would run their course and then dissipate. There was always an end in sight when the little settlement was pelted by heavy, albeit warm, rains or oppressive winds that made it hard to do much. On these days the Crater residents were generally trapped inside, but at least they knew the worst of these storms tended to be brief.

T - Minus 24 hours

The past twelve hours had been unpleasant for the Istans. The young dragons in particular did not appreciate being trapped in their quarters and the nerves of their partners were starting to fray as they did their best to keep the beasts from getting after each other. Twelve hours was a long time to not be able to go outside (though some had tried and instantly regretted it after the golf-ball sized hail chased them back in), especially when they’d already seemed to grow so much in the barely two months they’d been alive. Once they realized just how quickly they were going to grow a hasty plan to move the dragonpairs out of the current quarters was put into action.

The few that were missing from the group today were at the wreckage of the Amherst, which made more space for those stuck in the ex-dining hall thankfully, as they worked in various rotations to start making something livable. There was plenty of potential space, but the ship needed to be gutted essentially and the innards used to extend whatever safety possible. Progress was slow, but promising and more and more there was space for more of the dragonpairs to actively work. Every bay that was cleared of broken equipment made room for a couple of dragons to be housed in a more long-term fashion, but there was still so much work to be done. At least the handful of folk that was laboriously unscrewing every piece of shelving or simply smashing and cutting through any interior walls possible, were able to keep more occupied than the folk back at Ista.

T - Minus 12 Hours

The hope that the weather would break sometime soon had faded to a general feeling and anxiousness at this point. It should have eased up a bit by now, shouldn’t it have? There were ripples of fear amongst the inhabitants of the Crater, especially when the seafaring types started murmuring amongst themselves that they were in for something bad. Normally they would get the hell away from the coast when the weather turned this way, but there was nowhere to go and at this point it would be tough to make it anywhere safely.

The only option now was to bunker down and wait for the storm to pass. Thankfully the habitable portions of the Crater were within the rocks walls, there wasn’t much wind, rain or debris could do that this point, no matter how bad it got.


Truthfully, though they could hear the howling of winds that seemed loud enough to take down a mountain, the Istan folk were relatively comfortable in the safety of the caverns that had become their home. Well this wasn’t so bad…

But these thoughts only lasted until the first waves started crashing up the slope into the middle of the Crater. They were relentless, each higher than the next and bringing such a volume of water in such a short period of time that very few had a chance. Before anyone realized the severity of the storm surge brought on by the hurricane the Crater was already flooding. There was nowhere to go and though many tried to run or swim, the force of the ocean was too strong. They were trapped, human and young dragon alike, and the small settlement was washed away in a matter of hours. The flooding wouldn’t quite reach the Amherst, but it certainly tried to makes its way that far inland and anyone who had been working at the crash site would be able to see the rising water from their higher vantage point.


Very little will remain at Ista Crater and few who were there will have survived unless they could have gotten up high enough to avoid the surges. The floodwater will take a few days to recede enough for any survivors to be able to pick through the wreckage and try to take tally of the casualties, if they choose. The tunnels and caverns of the Crater may be full of water for some time, if they drain out at all. The home they had built is destroyed and may not be habitable for any time in the near future, especially with the threat of disease and contamination in the hot Istan weather.

The First Day After

Those at the Amherst might not be able to see it right away, but help will arrive over Ista Crater as the storm is starting to break up and move away…

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