Most importantly, don’t be a dick. Bullying, harassment or anything other than treating each other respectfully won’t be tolerated here. Mmkay?

This is a mature setting. There will be swearing (the real kind, not the Pernese-ified ones), violence and otherwise graphic content. Very explicit sexual content must be labelled as such. Anything of a particularly sensitive nature (rape, abuse, ect) needs to be approached with extreme caution and labelled with trigger warning. Please note that if any sensitive issues need to have a valid reason for being explored. Not to say that these things aren’t potentially present, but please be very thoughtful of why or please just avoid it altogether.

There aren’t any posting requirements, but do your best to keep in touch if you’re not going to be around for a while. If you have a character that might be holding up a plotline or story then try to provide even some OOC info about how they may react so we can try to work around it to keep things moving.

Any original characters from this timeline in the books won’t be used. If they had been around at one point they’re dead now and any mention of recognizable names are simply to keep certain aspects continuous with what we know of Pern. (eg: Benden will still be Benden, if when we get to a point where that Weyr comes into existence.) Relations of canon characters won’t be accepted.

Though technically there would be access to other races from other planets in this timeline there will be humans only on Pern. The settlers all came from Earth, no exceptions.

At the beginnings of the club, there are no dragons yet. The first hatching in the game will be the very first dragons on Pern ever. Very little information about what these creatures are like is available, even the people who’ve created them don’t know exactly what to expect. Most will assume the bond is similar to the firelizards, some will see them as big flying horses for example, but what impressing is really like won’t be known until it happens.

Traditional Pernese naming conventions don’t exist yet. These are first and second generation citizens that came from Earth so they can pretty much have any sort of name you like. Shortened dragonrider names won’t come about for quite some time yet.

Religion still won’t exist on Pern. It’s assumed that one of the requirements of settling the planet was leaving religion behind. The same goes for any crew in the FSP military. Just to keep things simple.

Technology will be a bit hit or miss in this setting. Ista Crater will have basic electricity at this point as well as some computers/machinery, though these are essentially all devoted to the dragon and genetics program so won’t be available to just anyone without permission. Whatever technological resources they have are carefully rationed to extend its life as much as possible as it all comes with an expiry date. There are no guns that came with the original settlers, but the Amherst crew may end up with some that make it through the crash. These of course won’t last forever and will be strictly controlled.

Please take the setting into account when creating a character, things will be different than other Pern games. If you’re unsure about something don’t hesitate to ask!