This is our story timeline, broken down by IC year After Landing; the story began with the crash of the Amherst in the 5th month of year 10. We don't have any strict IC:OOC time ratio, so there are no corresponding OOC dates — things move as writers have time and desire to progress them, meaning one week may take six months and four years may even be covered in three days.

Dates are in format.

10.5.12 Amherst crash lands on Ista Island
10.5.12 Some of the genetics team fertilize the dragon eggs in secret, two young assistants do more than they were instructed resulting in 36 embryos being inseminated
10.6.03 Candidates for the Dragon Program are selected
10.6.20 Thread falls directly on the Crater for the first time
10.8.28 The eggs hatch, 31 dragons bond to human partners